Meet the new Mr. and Mrs. Reimer! Lexie and Joel were married at the beautiful Boathouse at Sunday Park...it was a gorgeous day for an even more gorgeous couple! These two are so perfect for each other (they were all smiles all day), and their families were just the sweetest. We loved being a part of their big day! I'm going to warn you...this is a LONG post, but every image tells an important part of their wedding day story...I just love every one so much I couldn't help but post them all :) Enjoy, friends!

I love the font on their stationary! Gorgeous!

Lexie's dress is amazing! I'm pretty sure I have a love affair with lace.

Love these memorable moments between Lexie and her mom and sisters!

Joel and his guys were such great sports and so much fun :)

Beautiful girls! I am always willing to brave harsh sunlight for a dock this awesome!

Lexie's "first look" moment with her Dad was just the sweetest.

This is one of my hubby Luke's shots...he is the BEST second shooter! This is one of my favorites from the entire wedding! He captures the sweetest moments.

Peonies! Enough said :)

I love this dreamy light! And this was Lexie's face when they were pronounced husband and wife for the FIRST TIME! Yay!

Joel could not stop staring at his beautiful bride!

One of my favorite things about weddings is witnessing the joining of amazing families...it is always a beautiful thing and such a gift!

All of the siblings shielded their eyes...hilarious!

These next two images may be some of my favorites of all time...I mean come on, even the sailboat matches the wedding colors :)

The first few moments the Bride and Groom get alone are the most magical of the day...

This cake was amazing! So lovely!

Lexie and Joel took their favorite engagement photos and made them into an interactive guest book! I love that! 

Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. Reimer!!!

Joel's family gave him a surprise group hug after his dance with his Mom...it was the cutest!

I love the couple's natural reactions to toasts from people they love...

Aren't they the cutest?!

Time to start the PARTY!

One of the many things I loved about working with Lexie and Joel was that they had the sweetest heart around planning their wedding day...they wanted a picture with EVERYONE who attended their wedding...how cool is that?! We tried our best :) 

Go Spiders!

I always feel like I need to proclaim my love for golden hour :) 

Lexie! Seriously?! You are STUNNING!

They are one classy couple! These images are timeless.

The "in between poses" images are always some of my favorites! 

This is definitely one of my favorites! SO dreamy! 

This is definitely a perk of photographing a beautiful dancer! 

These two ducks were following us around, it was so funny I just had to get a picture with them :) 

I love that Lexie and Joel were passionate about making sure we had plenty of time to take gorgeous portraits of them on their wedding day...that is so important! I'm thankful for my amazing clients! 

Congratulations and lots of love, Lexie and Joel!