I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Sarah and I’m a wedding and family photographer from central Virginia. Confession…I love love. Is that cliché? You bet. But, it’s 100% true. Whether it’s a couple ready to cross over into happily ever after or a family that can’t get enough of each other, I travel near and far to capture moments when love is most alive.

In the spirit of getting acquainted…here are a few of my favorite things:


golden hour light
all things fall (it's my love language)
my super cool husband, luke
our baby girl
and dog child, jemma
brunch (who doesn't love brunch?)
baby cheeks and kid giggles
friends that become clients or clients that become friends
first looks
coffee, wine, and food
grace on grace
walks and talks...anywhere with anyone

Let me know if you’d like to chat or get together. I’d love to hear about your favorite things. 





Above all else - you come first.

 It's your family, your moment, your DAY that I have the privilege of capturing. So to be certain that I put first things first, and that I ALWAYS do my best to honor you, I've come up with a personal pledge of sorts. Don't worry, this isn't binding for anyone except me. I promise to..



Timing is everything. Catching that look on the groom's face, getting you back to the biggest party of your life, handing off your photos so Aunt Ruth will stop texting you about them, time is top of mind for me in all things. Rest assured that I am fretting over the clock in hopes that you won't have to.


Scratch that. I want to be more than fair. I want you to feel really good about what you are receiving for the hard-earned money you are paying. I'm not going to charge you for every image you like because that makes my blood boil. I'm not going to limit the number of photos or editing requests I take. {Stepping down off the soap box now.} What I will do is provide you with as many high-quality, individually obsessed-over images as I can with a reasonable budget in mind.



My service to you is beyond pressing a button and saying cheese. It's being prepared when your kids need a little incentive to look at the camera, having a plan when the weather refuses to cooperate, being invisible amidst a sacred ceremony. I'm here to serve, whatever that entails. If you need anything, just ask.


Your hopes and dreams matter. I believe with my whole heart that your pictures should reflect your style and the things you care about most.  Whether it's your loved ones striking a certain pose or making sure to catalog the little details you fussed over for months, I'll work with you to make sure your vision comes to life.